About The Clubhouse Restaurant Bar and Grill

The Clubhouse Restaurant Bar & Grill has been serving the Garner area since 1985. Our original location in Garner began a long relationship with our patrons that has grown stronger and outlasted the corporate competition.The Clubhouse Restaurant Bar & Grill at Cleveland was born in 1999 and has stood to be our most successful location to date. The locals in the area have been loyal and wonderful to us and we appreciate it. The Clubhouse Restaurant Bar & Grill family hopes it continues to grow and creates new friendships in the future.

When you are a regular at The Clubhouse Restaurant Bar & Grill, you are a member of the family.

What The Clubhouse Restaurant Bar & Grill does best is make you feel welcome in a quaint, cozy, warm atmosphere with great food, cold beer, a smile and a kind word. You always know someone at The Clubhouse Restaurant Bar & Grill and if you don't, you will soon!

What We Offer

22 Beers On Tap

A mixture of Domestics, Imports and Microbrews as well as bottled beer.

Great Food

A huge menu of bar food, the best wraps around, burgers, hot subs, Italian, country cooking, steaks and more.

Private Room

Our private room is available for up to 40 and is ready for holiday reservations.